Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012

Me at the grave marker of my Great-Great Grandmother, Louisa Arnett
in the Arnett Cemetery, Huntsville, Al 2008

Hello! My name is Cookie Toney Hunter. I enjoy reading, writing and photography. It is my love for good photographs that has been my catalyst for starting this and many other blogs in the last few months.

The spiritual sanctity and architectural beauty of a cemetery has been  an interest for quite some time. Until recently, i thought i was alone in my interest and some family and friends thought it was distasteful. But i have come to know many people who have the same interest and i am happy to know them. 

With this blog, i hope to build lasting friendships, learn more history and educate those who are curious of this awesome hobby! I plan to turn this blog into a book at some point but for right now, i am excited about the info i have collected over the years and want to share it with everyone!

Ironically, today is the birthday of my late father Ervin Toney (Arnett Great Grandson). Happy Birthday, Dad, RIP! I dedicate this blog to my family in loving memory of my Beloved Father. 

Peace, Love and Blessings!

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  1. Iv'e never heard of such but live is short so grab it by the horns and ride it out, what ever your passions.. This is i nice jester for those who have won the battle of life and to those who understand hat you're doing.. Thanks for a great blog and God Bless.